The Board of Directors (BOD) sets AAACN’s strategic direction, ensures resources, and provides oversight.

The AAACN BOD is composed of nine members: President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, five Directors, and the CEO, who serves as a non-voting member. The BOD appoints volunteer groups or representatives to perform the work of AAACN in accomplishing the goals of the strategic plan and the association.

The 2022-2023 AAACN Board of Directors:

Deena GillandPresident
Deena Gilland, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN
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Rachel StartPresident-Elect
Rachel Start, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

Kathleen MartinezImmediate Past President
Kathleen Martinez, MSN, RN, CPN
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Eileen M. EspositoDirector / Treasurer
Eileen M. Esposito, DNP, AMB-BC, CPHQ
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Capt. Andrea C. Petrovanie-Green, MSN, RN, AMB-BC

Director / Secretary
Capt. Andrea C. Petrovanie-Green, MSN, RN, AMB-BC
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Mary BlanksonDirector
Mary Blankson, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, FAAN

Cynthia L. MurrayDirector
Cynthia L. Murray, BN, AMB-BC

Stephanie WitwerDirector
Stephanie Witwer, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

Brandy WilliamsonFellow Board Member
Brandy Williamson, BSN, RN, CPN

Jessica PolkFellow Board Member
Jessica Polk, RN, BSN, MPH

Pete PomilioChief Executive Officer
Pete Pomilio, MBA

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What is the role of the AAACN Board of Directors (BOD)?

How does the BOD set goals and priorities, support AAACN members, and work in collaboration with Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc. (AJJ) – the management firm – to support the ongoing operations and sustainability of AAACN? What decisions are made at board calls and meetings? Take a Look Inside the Board of Directors. (Member login required)

Board Roles

The BOD leads AAACN through vision, innovative action, and empowerment of members into an expanded, prosperous future.

Director (3-year term)

The five Directors oversee the business and fiscal management of AAACN. They also provide strategic direction and active leadership for AAACN. A director position involves a three-year term.

Candidates for director will:

  • Occupy a leadership role in ambulatory care nursing.
  • Have been an active member of AAACN as defined by bylaws, for 2+ years preceding election.
  • Have a record of participation in AAACN leadership activities, e.g. SIGs, committees, task forces, etc.
  • Have attended at least two (2) recent annual conferences.
  • Possess good organizational and communication skills.
  • Have the ability to meet all director role responsibilities, including attendance at meetings, for the duration of their term.

Time commitments include:

  • Preparation for (several hours of reading) and attending three in person board meetings per year. A 1/2 day board meeting is held immediately prior to the Annual Conference, one 3-day meeting is held in the Summer or Fall at the AAACN National Office in Pitman, New Jersey, and one 2-day meeting is held at another location.
  • Participating in 10 monthly, 90-minute conference calls per year held during business hours.
  • Attendance at the annual conference and all associated activities.
  • Serving as the board liaison to one or more SIGs, task forces, and/or committees; and providing leadership for other activities as delegated by the President of AAACN.
  • NOTE: Time estimates do not include travel time.

Approximately an additional 6-10 hours per month may be spent on specific board assignments such as, responding to email, reviewing articles, writing charters, performing liaison duties, participating on conference calls, in discussions, and decision making.

Additional Board Roles

The President-Elect is elected by the BOD from among the current Directors. In the event that a President-Elect candidate cannot be identified from among the current Board of Directors, a previous Director on the Board of Directors may be considered. Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the current President-Elect from among the current BOD.

The Treasurer, during budget development process, spends an additional 1-2 hours to review the budget with the Chief Executive Officer.

The Secretary reviews minutes which requires, on average, an additional 1 hour per month.