The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) members are invited to assist the association in meeting its goals by volunteering to serve on a committee, task force, work group, or in other capacities.


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Care Coordination and Transition Management (CCTM)

The CCTM SIG provides a forum to discuss CCTM related issues and best practices and share resources/tools with each other to support CCTM practice.

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Leadership SIG


The goal of the Leadership SIG is to develop and support ambulatory leaders.

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Nurse-Sensitive Indicator (NSI)

Nurse-Sensitive Indicator (NSI) assess, evaluate, and articulate the value of ambulatory care nursing.

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Patient/Staff Education SIG

Patient/Staff Education

The Patient/Staff Education SIG promotes excellence in nursing practice through patient and staff education competency of nurses in ambulatory care.

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Pediatrics SIG


The Pediatrics SIG represents ambulatory pediatric nursing as a key specialty within AAACN.

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Telehealth Nursing Practice SIG

Telehealth Nursing Practice

TNP uses the nursing process to provide nursing care and access to health care for individual patients or patient populations via phone or other technology, occurring in multiple health care settings.

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Tri-Service Military SIG

Tri-Service Military

The Tri-Service Military SIG is a dynamic, diverse group of military and government nurses.

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Veterans Affairs SIG

Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Affairs SIG provides a forum for VA ambulatory care nurses to discuss problems, share solutions and creative programs; and keep in touch across the country.

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