Members of AAACN have opportunities to write two journal columns focusing on different practice interests within ambulatory care nursing.

Nursing Economic$The “Perspectives in Ambulatory Care” column makes sense of today’s changing ambulatory care market. It is published up to six times annually in Nursing Economic$, a peer-reviewed journal that advances nursing leadership in health care, with a focus on tomorrow.  

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration in the Perspectives in Ambulatory Care column, submit it to The column is edited by Mary Jo Vetter, DNP, RN, AGPCNP-BC, FAANP.

Pediatric Nursing“Perspectives in Pediatric Ambulatory Care” highlights the unique needs of pediatric patients and the specialized care ambulatory care nurses provide to this population. It is published several times annually in Pediatric Nursing journal, a peer-reviewed resource for evidence-based clinical information, research studies, and advances in child health care.

To suggest topics, obtain author guidelines, or to submit queries or manuscripts, contact AAACN member and column Editor Molly Moran, MSN, RN, CCRN, at Pediatric Nursing;

AAACN members may choose to receive a complimentary subscription to Nursing Economic$ or Pediatric Nursing as a benefit of AAACN membership.

Nursing Economic$ Perspectives in Ambulatory Care Nursing



Changing Landscapes: Academic-Practice Partnerships in Evolving Ambulatory Care Settings – Part 1
March/April 2022
Vanessa M. DeBiase, Caroline Coburn, Laurel More, Linda Parsons

In Search of the Evidence: Informing Academic-Practice Partnerships in Ambulatory Care
May/June 2022
Stephanie G. Witwer, Elizabeth Fritz, Susan M. Antol, Stephanie Bilskis

Developing the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing Academic Practice Guidelines: Academic Practice Partnership in Action
July/August 2022
Mary DiGiulio, Diana Alemar, Annette S. Hamlin, L. Jessie Jones-Bell, Laurel More



Using Nurse-Sensitive Indicators to Assess the Impact of Primary Care RNs on Quality Ambulatory Patient Care
July/August 2021
Rebecca Alley, Elizabeth Carreira, Cynthia Wilson, Katelin Pickard

Assessing the Knowledge and Attitudes of Registered Nurses about Artificial Intelligence in Nursing and Health Care
May/June 2021
Beth Ann Swan

Advancing the Science of Nursing: Ambulatory Care Nursing and Magnet® Designation
March/April 2021
Rachel Start, Rebecca Graystone

Return on Investment of a Centralized Telephonic Case Management Program in a Commercial Population
January/February 2021
Sara Russell Rodriguez, Steve Pirlot


Creating a Business Case Template for Care Coordination and Transition Management
Nov/Dec 2020
Diane Storer Brown, Rachel Start, Ann Marie Matlock

Using Innovative Education to Elevate Unlicensed  Assistive Personnel Practice
Mar/Apr 2020
Laurel More, Linda Parsons

Strategies for Creating a Business Case that Leverages the RN Role in Care Coordination and Transition Management
July/August 2020
Rachel Start, Sharon Quinlan, Sara Russell Rodriguez, Diane Storer Brown, Mary Blankson, Ann Marie Matlock, Nancy May



The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing's Invitational Summit on CCTM: An Overview
Jan/Feb 2019
Sheila Haas, Beth Ann Swan

Care Coordination:  Roles of Registered Nurses Across the Care Continuum
Nov/Dec 2019
Beth Ann Swan, Sheila Haas, Anne T. Jessie


Transition to Practice-Part 3:  Implementing an Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Residency Program:  RN Residency and Transition to Professional Practice Programs in Ambulatory Care-Challenges, Successes, and Recommendations
Jan/Feb 2018
L. Jessie Jones-Bell, Cathryn Halford-Cook, Nancy Weaver Parker

Opportunities for Nurses to Lead Quality Efforts Under MACRA
March/April 2018
Yumi Ma, Nancy May, Courtney Knotts, Annette DeVito Dabbs

Implementation and Evaluation of an Ambulatory Care Nurse Clinical Advancement System
May/June 2018
Susan M. Hossli, Rachel Start, Marcia P. Murphy

Realizing Momentum and Synergy:  Benchmarking Meaningful Ambulatory Care Nurse-Sensitive Indicators
Sept/Oct 2018
Rachel Start, Ann Marie Matlock, Diane Brown, Harriet Aronow, Lynn Soban

Evolution of a Conceptual Model:  Ambulatory Care Nursing
Nov/Dec 2018
Margaret Mastal



American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing Position Paper:  The Role of the Registered Nurse in Ambulatory Care
Jan/Feb 2017
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing

Leveraging National Reports to Transform Ambulatory Care Practice
March/April 2017
Anne T. Jessie, Beth Ann Swan

Registered Nurses Make a Difference with Ambulatory Care Nurse-Sensitive Indicators
July/August 2017
Rosemarie Battaglia, Mary Morin, Dana Nelson, Rachel E. Start, Beverly Sullivan

Transition to Practice-Part 1:  Implementing the AAACN Ambulatory Care Nurse Residency Program:  The Importance of a Structural Framework
Sept/Oct 2017
June Levine

Transition to Practice-Part 2:  Implementing an Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Residency Program:  Competency-It's Not Just a Task
Nov/Dec 2017
Laurel More


Ambulatory Care Nurse-Sensitive Indicator Series:  Capturing the Role of Nursing in Ambulatory Care-The Case for Meaningful Nurse-Sensitive Measurement
March/April 2016
Margaret Mastal, Ann Marie Matlock, Rachel Start

Ambulatory Care Nursing-Sensitive Indicators Series:  Reaching for the Tipping Point in Measuring Nurse-Sensitive Quality in the Ambulatory Surgical and Procedure Environments
May/June 2016
Diane Storer Brown, Harriet Udin Aronow

Ambulatory Care Nurse-Sensitive Indicators Series:  Starting with Low-Hanging Fruit:  Proposing the Adaptation of Health Care Measures to the Role of the Nurse in Ambulatory Care
July/August 2016
Rosemarie Battaglia, Rachel Start, Mary Morin

Ambulatory Care Nurse-Sensitive Indicators Series:  Patient Engagement as a Nurse-Sensitive Indicator in Ambulatory Care
Nov/Dec 2016
Eileen M. Esposito, Catherine A. Rhodes, Catherine M. Besthoff, Nena Bonuel



Nursing-Sensitive Indicators in Ambulatory Care
Jan/Feb 2015
Kathleen Martinez, Rosemarie Battaglia, Rachel Start, Margaret F. Mastal, Ann Marie Matlock

Health Care in the Community: Developing Academic/Practice Partnerships for Care Coordination and Managing Transitions
May/Jun 2015
Mary E. Fortier, Donna M. Fountain, Maryelena Vargas, Lisa Heelan-Fancher, Tracy Perron, Katherine Hinic, Beth Ann Swan


Developing the Value Proposition for the Role of the Registered Nurse in Care Coordination and Transition Management in Ambulatory Care Settings
Mar/Apr 2014
Sheila Haas, Beth Ann Swan



Developing Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Competencies for Care Coordination and Transition Management
Jan/Feb 2013
Sheila Haas, Beth Ann Swan, Traci Haynes


Building a Clinical Ladder for Ambulatory Care
Jan/Feb 2012
Colleen Woolsey, Kate Bracy

Models of Care in Outpatient Cancer Centers
Mar/Apr 2012
Charlotte T. Lee, Barbara Fitzgerald, Sarah Downey, Malcolm Moore

The Value of Registered Nurses in Ambulatory Care Settings: A Survey
Sep/Oct 2012
Margaret Mastal, June Levine



American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing Position Statement: The Role of the Registered Nurse in Ambulatory Care
Mar/Apr 2011
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing

The Effectiveness of Reminder Phone Calls on Reducing No-Show Rates in Ambulatory Care
Sep/Oct 2011
Rebecca Woods

Health Care Reform: Current Updates and Future Initiatives For Ambulatory Care Nursing
Nov/Dec 2011
Beth Ann Swan, Sheila A. Haas


Evolution of the Chronic Care Role of the Registered Nurse In Primary Care
Nov/Dec 2010
Candia Baker, Laughlin Marie Beisel

Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Performance Measurement
Sep/Oct 2010
Beth Ann Swan

Ambulatory Care Nursing: Growth as a Professional Specialty
Jul/Aug 2010
Margaret Fisk Mastal

Pediatric Nursing Perspectives in Pediatric Ambulatory Care Nursing



The Pre-Participation Examination in a COVID-19 World
November/December 2021
Kristin Malek

Gun Violence: A Chronic Disease Affecting American Youth
July/August 2021
Meghan Summer Perez Muir

Optimizing Pediatric Telephone Triage and Telehealth to Decrease Surge during the COVID-19 Pandemic
May/June 2021
Molly Moran, Karyn Dionne-Quiros, and Kristine Mortimore